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Rotary   Railcar   dumpers

Our Bulk Materials Handling division specializes in equipment for the loading, unloading and storage of bulk products including coal, iron ore, limestone, wood chips, potash, grain, fertilizer and other bulk materials.
DTS is developer of the turnkey solution for bulk materials. We provide installation and maintenance of our equipment and guarantee our work. Our solutions are fully optimized to customers’ specific applications. With more than fifty years of experience, DTS provides premium products as follows: Rotary Dumpers, Positioners, Railcar Pushers, Crushers, Feeders, Conveyors etc. We welcome equipment upgrade, maintenance, or replacement projects.

Shafts   and   Tunnels   Lining  

DTS offers a comprehensive supply of tunneling shields, tunnel linings, and other underground support structures. A tunneling shield is a protective structure used in the excavation of tunnels through unstable soil while the tunnel is being lined with a support structure of concrete, cast iron or steel.
The tunnel lining is the wall of the tunnel. It typically consists of cast iron or precast concrete segments which form rings. Cast iron or Steel linings rings are traditionally used in the London and Moscow underground tunnels and for mine shafts all over the world. DTS is s top tier supplier of the Cast Iron or Steel Rings (tubbing) in the Russia, Ukraine and Canada.

Mill   rolls                                                                     

DTS is one of the largest roll makers in the former-USSR market, currently supplying approximately 30% of the market. Rolls are manufactured by using static, double pour or centrifugal casting techniques depending on the application and requirements. Rolls can be supplied with fillet rings upon request.
The use of cast iron in the production of rolls provides multiple benefits over steel, including higher fatigue strength in corrosive environments due to its low notch sensitivity, better vibration dampening properties, and lower residual stress levels.


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DTS provides engineering, design and manufacturing of custom casting for Sinter Plants, Coke Manufactures, Smelters, Steel Mills.
DTS core casting products are: Slag Bowls & Ladles, Furnace Cooling Units, Mill Linings. We provide a full range of technology that results in better quality and shorter lead times. Our goal to meet client-specific requirements for new and existing plants.
With our extensive experience and over 200 designers and engineers the most comprehensive product line with the best quality and price is Guaranteed.



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News  &  Events

- Year of Proven Partnership with Coal Industry for DTS Group

DTS Group is pleased to announce another successful year of completed bulk materials handling projects for its coal industry partners

- DTS is supplier for Northern Line Extensions Project

DTS has been awarded with a contract for suppling of on the spheroidal graphite iron (SGI) lining rings for London Underground Northern Line Extensions Project.

- Side Dumper for largest CIS export-import coal terminal

Stationary side discharge wagon tippler VBS-93 to TIS-Group, Ukraine's largest private dry cargo seaport, within a project to enhance coal and ore transport infrastructure in Odessa region

- DTS Group Office established   in   UK

DTS established Sole Representative in London, UK

- DTS involved in the renovation for Metinvest

DTS involved in the renovation projects of Ilyich Steel Iron Works and Azovstal