Limited   Time   Offer   for   all   new   customers   -   50%   OFF
DTS  has opened a North American branch to better serve our customers in the United States and Canada. We are now able to provide our North American market with the following products: Cast Iron Rolls, Railcars Dumpers, Cast Iron Rings for mine shafts and subways, Pallet cars and other Sinter Plant equipment. The low price and high quality of our products enables us to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Few facts about our capabilities:
- Five manufacturing plants based in Ukraine
- Total manufacturing area of approximately 500 acres
- Over 5000 employees as of 2012
- Our overall output was 80,000 tons in 2012
- Our FY 2012 revenue was $200M
- Quality Assurance system is ISO 9001:2008 certified
- We export internationally to more than 30 countries, including the USA and Canada

For a limited time, we are able to offer New Customers a 50% discount off the current market price of all DTS equipment. We know that once you try our products, you will be a customer for life.

For details, please call us 24/7 at 800.630.5434 or email us. During 2013 we are going to attend every main expo in North America. With great pleasure we are ready to meet up with you there. Also we are ready to visit your plant at your earliest convenience to discuss details. Please download catalog of our Products or order hard copy free of charge.