Dneprotechservice   become   a   member   of   IAF
Dneprotechsrvice LLC SPF takes active participation in different kinds of events, such as congresses, exhibitions, scientific conferences, etc. , carrying out under the guidance of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF).
One of the priority tasks, set for “Dneprotechservice” in the frame of membership in IAF, is the development of new section for ground support equipment towards rocket and space technology and assistance in it's active functioning.
Reference information:
The International Astronautical Federation was founded in 1951. It is a leading space advocacy organization with more than 220 members across six continents, including all leading agencies, space agencies, organizations, associations and institutions all over the world. IAF develops a future of cooperation and development of international friendship, strategic assets of technological innovations, providing human progress.

Main tasks of the International Astronautical Federation are: the assistance in the development of astronautics for peaceful purposes; wide spreading of astronautics' information; motivation for participation in explorations related to astronautics through the international and national research institutes, universities and firms; arrangement of international congresses, symposiums, colloquiums and others scientific meetings; cooperation with relevant international and national organizations in all spheres related to astronautics and peaceful space exploration.

The International Astronautics Federation contributes to the development of cooperation and international friendship followed by strategic assets of technological innovations, providing human progress.