DTS   involved   in   the   renovation   for   Metinvest
«Metinvest» metallurgical holding implements renovation programme of its two major enterprises in the Donetsk region. «Dneprotechservice» Scientific and Production Group takes part in the reconstruction projects of the metallurgical giants.

«Ilyich Steel and Iron Works» is now in an active phase of gradual renovation of the production facilities. In recent years enterprise management has already initiated works on the production renovation and in 2013 the emphasize is made on reducing the negative impact of steel-production process on the environment. So in the foreseeable future a metallurgical giant factory will be complianted with demanding European standards on pollutant emissions. «Dneprotechservice» Scientific and Production Group supplied equipment for the overhaul of the SRF-3000 sheet roll facility on the basis of mutual cooperation with «Ilyich Steel and Iron Work».

«Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» PJSC is one of the largest metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine with a full production cycle. Back in late 2012 the board of directors of the «Metinvest» management company decided to initiate renovation project of the production facilities at the enterprise as one of the main points of the competitive win strategy. Now master reconstruction includes renovation of the aspiration system at the casting facility, stock house and interbell space of the blast furnace № 4. «Dneprotechservice» actively participates in the renovation project at the «Azovstal Iron and Steel Works», thereby expanding the scope of cooperation with one of the largest enterprises in the country.