Side   Dumper   for   largest   CIS   export-import   coal   terminal
DTS announced today that it has shipped stationary side discharge wagon tippler VBS-93 to TIS-Group, Ukraine's largest private dry cargo seaport, within a project to enhance coal and ore transport infrastructure in Odessa region.

To be installed at TIS-Coal, the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in former USSR export-import terminal for handling coal, ore and other bulk cargo of open storage, VBS-93 will be able to unload 20 wagons with capacity of up to 90 tons each. The wagon tippler features following systems and solutions that make it perfectly suitable to conditions of exploitation:
• Smooth and variable rotation rate, guaranteed by frequency converters, in order to reduce dynamic loads on metal structures;
• Application of vibration-cleaning system that allows lessening amount of frozen material left in wagon;
• Spill collection system that makes any spillage of ore or coal be automatically transferred on the main conveyor;
• Firm fixation of wagon on platen by means of specially designed breaking gear;
• Application of automated central lubrication system made by Bijur Delimon International;
• Fully automated unloading complex control system.

Wagon tippler VBS-93 is designed to be used along with positioner (side arm charger) under intensive exploitation conditions and in severe winter times. It is also adapted to be installed on sites with high-level subterranean waters.

Contract on the wagon tippler VBS-93 was signed between TIS-Group and DTS in August 2015. It is one of half-dozen projects that involve wagon tippler and unloading complex equipment in the backlog of the latter.